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Surviving in The New Economy: From virtual workplaces to technology overload, this special feature takes an in-depth look at the changing demands of our workplaces and world.

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Celebrating the Power of People
Tricks of the Trade—Unique Tranining Ideas
Views For A Change
Pageturners: Flawless Consulting Fieldbook

 One From Column B —
I Will Survive

 Peter Block explains why the new economy is just an economy, and why our relationships and our senses promise survival .

  Surviving In The New   Economy:

Working In A Virtual World
Defining The New Economy
Penny Sanchez- Burruss and Barry Johson, Ph.D

The 24/7 Work Invasion
Info, Info, Everywhere!
Brief Cases
Tips: It's About Time and Finding Time


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  Special Feature: Surviving In The New Economy


It's About Time

There are little ways to chip away at the 24/7 work invasion if it has started to tighten its grasp on yourr company.

Consider the way you use e-mail. Is it your policy to send e-mail to set mailing lists, even though the contents are only relevant to a few on the list? If so, consider sending e-mails to as few people as possible, and if more than three e-mails bounce back and forth on the subject, it's best to meet face-to-face.

If you find yourself in endless meetings, consider allowing for more unilateral decision making instead. You should be able to trust the judgement of those around you-trust them to make the right decision and move forward from there.

Finding Time

When was the last time you said, "When I find the time...?" Now, how many of you actually found that time? Bob Peters and The Life@Work Journal have a few suggestions for recapturing those elusive few minutes during your day.

Know Thy Time. This is the first responsibility of an executive. Management expert Peter Drucker suggests keeping a time log for a week to figure out where your time is going. It's a lot like dieting and counting calories, but you'll soon realize it's a real eye-opener.

Create a "Short Burst" File. After analyzing your log you'll find that each task conveniently breaks down into 5-15 minute increments. Make a list of these activities and when you find yourself with a short break, complete something on that list.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. Don't start a large project when you only have a few minutes between meetings. Instead, return a phone call or make a list to balance your workday, or even take a few minutes to rest.

  Get to know your time, balance it and use it to your advantage. Don't just fill your time-find it!

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