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Issue Highlight — A Sign Of Hope
- Peter Block addresses the importance for corporations to work in the public interest as well as the interest of shareholders, building strong communities and promoting social equity.


Online Edition - November/December 2000

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Tackling Leadership
Generation X And The Baby Boomers At Work
Heeding The Call
A Sticky Situation: Creating Innovative Climates

Motivation Made Easy

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change
Heard on the Street

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Views For A Change

Consultant Q&A


Many of us associated with AQP are either internal or external consultants trying to achieve the elusive "lasting change" within our organizations or clients' organizations. As a consultant, what approaches do you take in order to see that the work and changes you've been hired to make are embedded into the organization to make change "permanent?"

Jerry Martin
Bellevue, Wash.

Vincent Ventresca Responds

H. James Harrington Responds

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