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Online Edition - September 2000

Issue Highlight - Remembering What Matters
-  Peter Block explains the need to look deeper than fashion and technological trends to find meaning in our homes and workplaces.

 In This Issue...
Living Impossible Dreams
Ouch! Is it Time to Redesign Your Systems?
Searching Ourselves: Avoiding Office Boxing Rings
Believe It or Not— Workplace Bias Still Exists

Bedtime Stories for Your Organization
Economy Breeds Short-Sightedness

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change
Heard on the Street

Views For A Change

Consultant Q&A


  Our company is applying for the North Carolina (Baldrige) Performance Excellence Program award. The NCPEP criteria is identical to the national Baldrige Award criteria. The difference is that the NCPEP is only a statewide improvement and recognition process, and the Baldrige is nationwide. Part of this process is to find a better system for receiving and implementing continuous improvement suggestions and ideas from associates. Please advise me as to what system I can use when someone submits an improvement suggestion or an idea. How can I collect a suggestion, register it, process it, approve it, give feedback to the submitter, and have an awards or recognition system. Also, can you suggest a company that has implemented and uses this type of program so that we may be able to benchmark their program?

Karol Zielinski
Continuous Improvement Engineer
Freudenberg Nonwovens - Tuft Division
Durham, N.C.

H.James Harrington Responds
Vincent Ventresca Responds

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