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- Friends of mine showed me a letter recently that I thought you might find interesting. It might be a sign of things to come in this New Economy:

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  Many long-term employees in public sector organizations like ours respond to change initiatives with, “I was here before you came, and I’ll still be here when you’re gone.” I know this happens in the private sector as well, but it’s particularly acute the closer we get to the end of a governor’s term, even when this is still measurable in years! It has the effect of making the agency CEO (a political appointee) the lamest of ducks, regardless of her/his interest in and commitment to innovation that will have long-term benefits for the agency’s work. How can we invite people with these attitudes to explore new territory instead of hunkering down and pulling the door closed behind themselves?”

Malcolm Burson
Professional /Organizational Development Specialist
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Augusta, Maine

David Farrell Responds
John Runyan Responds

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