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Online Edition - April 2000

Issue Highlight - Hard Measures for Human Values
--- We have now made the stock market our primary measure of well-being. It is the lead story on the news, it stares me in the face at the top of my home page. It peers at me from the lower right hand corner of my TV screen...

In This Issue...
Looking For Adventure
Healing Blue Cross And Blue Shield
Applying The Magic Of Disney
When Teams Are Destructive

Peter Block Column
Views for a Change

Diary of a Shutdown

Views for a Change
Consultant Q&A

I have been given the duty of trying to find out why one division of our company is having quality problems. We have sales, customer service and manufacturing within in this division. Can you give me some advice on where to start looking? Is there a commonsense approach to starting up quality programs?
---Mike Greenstone
---Project Team Leader
---Laser Tech Color
---Mason, Ohio

--H. James Harrington Responds
--James D. Showkeir Responds



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