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November 1999


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Large Ideas Expressed In Small Amounts
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Views for a Change
Consultant Q & A

Implementing continuous quality programs in institutions of higher education, where there are such culturally diverse groups, would appear to be quite a challenge. Professors tend to be autonomous operators, when unions are on campuses "groupthink" seems to be a factor, and it tends to be that administrators and staff personnel are the ones promoting the continuous quality programs.

In an institution of educationally and culturally diverse employees with at least three different sets of attitudes, beliefs and values and one goal: to implement a continuous
quality program that can benefit all stakeholders-how does one go about this challenge of molding all sub-groups into one culture-the organizational culture-and what are the

Ronnie P. Feather
President, Pi Phi Chapter
Penn State
Uniontown, Pa.

Jamie Showkeir responds
David Farrell responds

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