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Ford Takes Road Less Traveled
Accountability, Team Focus and Trust Help Ford's Visteon Enterprise Tap New Business Markets

Since 1992, Visteon Automotive Systems, an enterprise of the Ford Motor Company, has worked to actively improve performance and accountability. Visteon's mission is to harness leading edge thinking and technology in order to tap into new markets, develop new products and control costs. To do this Visteon looks towards its workforce and seeks out ways to engage employees and to create a feeling of entrepreneurship throughout the company. Not an easy task when you are dealing with an enterprise that spans 19 countries, seven departments and includes upwards of 87,000 employees.

David Berdish is one individual who has been spearheading the Visteon enterprise. Berdish serves as the Process Leadership and Learning Organization Manager at the Dearborn, Mich. headquarters of Visteon. During his tenure he has trained countless employees on team-based skills, facilitation, systems thinking and other development skills. Nearly 200 teams have applied these learning tools and methods to product launch success, material cost reductions, supplier relations and diversity issues.

Berdish's work has been documented and published in various national publications. He will be detailing Visteon's progress and pitfalls in a case study presentation at AQP's team symposium, "Teams 2000: Advanced Strategies for Leading and Expanding the Team Culture," October 25-27 in Washington, DC. Berdish recently spoke with News for a Change Editor Bill Brewer about employee accountability and entitlement, aligning a workforce around a company's vision, leadership support of quality programs and tapping into new markets.


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