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Pay Me The Same as the Crowd
Take me out to the ballgame! According to Robert H. Frank, a Cornell University economist and co-author of “The Winner-Take-All Society,” baseball has learning potential for today’s companies.
Income inequality between upper management and employees can have the same negative effects on companies as high salary stars have on baseball teams. From a recent comparison of pay and performance data, Dr. Matt Bloom, a University of Notre Dame management professor, concluded that the bigger the pay difference between a team’s stars and scrubs, the worse its record. On the other side, highly successful teams, such as, the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees had some of the narrowest pay spreads in the league.

Slow Down!
Ever wish there were more hours in a day? Not enough time to think? This fast-paced lifestyle has gradually gotten progressively worse without anyone realizing it.
Although it may seem that we accomplish more with this constant hustle and bustle, we are not taking the time to think about the decisions we make. This poses a potentially serious risk. According to a recent study by Copernicus: The Marketing Investment Strategy Group and Gazelle International of Newton, Mass., managers make split-second decisions based on the short-term results without consideration to the long-term possibilities. Next time you feel rushed for a decision, breathe, think and slow down. That short time of thinking may result in long time benefits.

Wage Increase—Think Again
It’s as simple as supply and demand. Increased labor shortage equals increased salaries. Not necessarily, according to a recent article from Trend Alert, by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia, strategic business futurists.

Businesses are too sensitive to their profits, thus finding alternatives to keep employees without incurring the costs of increasing their pay. Signing bonuses, educational opportunities and flexible hours are some ways in which employers can promote employee retention while competing in today’s workplace. While these perks have been around for years, the tight labor market coupled with increased competition for talent has caused many companies to rethink and revisit compensation in the broadest sense of the word.

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