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Facing The Music In The Global Marketplace
Winning in the New Economy Requires Courage and Self-Knowledge

Remember your favorite college professor? Not necessarily the one that gave you the highest grades, but the one who challenged your thinking, stimulated your intellect and, upon reflection, had an indelible impact on who you became. Talking with Peter Koestenbaum might bring just such a professor to mind. No surprise then, that he taught philosophy for 34 years at San Jose State University.
Born in Germany and raised in Venezuela, he received a B.A. from Stanford, an M.A. from Harvard and his Ph.D. from Boston University. Today Peter Koestenbaum is an internationally respected business consultant and philosopher and is on the faculty of AQP’s School for Managing and Leading Change. His books, “The Heart of Business: Ethics, Power and Philosophy” and “Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness” offer remarkable blends of practical business advice and philosophy which inspire individuals in organizations to achieve their own potential. His clients have included Ford, Ciba-Geigy, Hewlett Packard, EDS and many international organizations.

His unique style combines ideas from Western and Eastern literature, philosophy, psychology and theology. Koestenbaum stresses the importance of each person’s pursuit to become the “best human being possible.” The rest—market share, profitability, productivity and personal satisfaction are likely to follow. He will be a featured speaker at AQP’s conference entitled “People and the New Economy: Resolving the Paradox Between Profit and Purpose”, July 28-30 in Chicago, Illinois.

He recently spoke with News for a Change Editor Bill Brewer about his ideas regarding finding meaning in life and on the New Economy including what it will take for companies and individuals to win in it.


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