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Diversity Boosts Success
How much do you have in common with your co-workers? A recent study in Canberra, Australia reports a multicultural group of people is more likely to come up with innovative solutions and ideas than a group from a single culture.

Dr. Goran Lindahl, author of the paper, said that senior managers must be able to extract the diversity of ideas in a multicultural group and steer them into profitable action. "They must cultivate the trust of their people by involving them in decision processes, getting them to take their ownership of new ideas," says Lindahl.

Companies should look to cross-cultural team building Lindahl said. One method is to have at least three nationalities on any management team.

Beating the Bully
No longer a lunchtime woe, bullies are everywhere. A recent survey of workplace violence conducted by the International Labour Organization found that bullying, targeting an employee for intimidation, and mobbing, ganging up on an employee, are among the fastest-growing complaints of American workers.

A jealous coworker, an insensitive boss and sexual harassment in the workplace are examples of common bullying.

Managers with poor people skills are another major cause of bullying complaints at work. "Stupidity is hard to cure," says James Bonnet, president of The Bonnet Group,Newman, Ga. "We are all guilty of sticking our foot in our mouth at times. Most times, if it's pointed out somebody has done something inappropriate, they'll stop doing it."

Quality Programs Have Big Payoffs for Small Companies
When it comes to quality, who can't afford to pay? For small companies, the cost of obtaining internationally recognized quality standard recognition, ISO and QS, can be intimidating.

To promote small businesses gaining certification Indiana Business Modernization and Technology offers a 19-session course called Fast PayBack. It prepares companies to register for one of the recognized quality standards. However, the quality registration process is not a quick one. International quality standards require a documented quality system throughout an operation. To ensure the pupil's successful registration, Fast PayBack continues to walk companies though the process after they complete the actual class work.
The bonuses? Getting certified is proof that a company's work meets internationally recognized quality standards, a lure for potential new customers.

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