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Sampling for Process Audits

2010 Institute for Continual Quality Improvement Presentation

by Gurbachan Chandha

The presentation describes the author’s approach for applying sampling inspection to process audits...

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  • Publish date: 2011-03
  • Keywords:
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Data-Driven Decision-Making and Organizational Excellence

by Andell, Jonathan;

Application of statistical thinking in the area of customer-centered process management...

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  • Publish date: 2007-06
  • Keywords:Process management, Statistical thinking, Data-driven decision-making, Measurement systems validation, Common cause, Assignable cause
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Quality Audits in Relation to International Business Strategy - What is our National Posture?

Winter 1989 Youden Address

by Marquardt, Don W.;

This address discusses the requirements for succeeding in today's global economy: understand international standard concepts such as ISO8402 and ISO9000, view quality management and external quality assurance as competitive tools for a business, gear the business strategy toward the current global developments in quality assurance, and formulate a business strategy to remain competitive with European-style and Asia/Pacific-style quality competition. Audits are the prime mechanism for providing quality assurance, and there are different styles of using quality as a business strategy. In the European Community, auditing systems are based on reciprocal recognition of quality system registrations among participating nations. This strategy results in a systematic business-government partnership with supporting infrastructure. The benefits are that the audits force systematic quality efforts throughout the economies of all nations. This resultsin a competitive advanta! ge when bidding for a contract

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  • Publish date: 1989-12
  • Keywords:Quality control, Quality assurance

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