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Four Basic Tools for Organizing and Quantifying “Idea Data” – Part 2

Basic Tools Appearing in Fall 1994 Newsletter

by Emerling, Don;

This paper explains how to use a tree diagram and a prioritization matrix as part of a set of tools intended to extract the most relevant information from data consisting of ideas...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 1994-10
  • Keywords:Tree Diagram, Prioritization matrix
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Pedal Faster – They’re Gaining on Us

1994 Youden Address

by Lynne B. Hare

This address proposes solutions for statisticians to reverse the downward spiral trend affecting organizations and to propose a new role for statsiticians...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 1994-01
  • Keywords:Synthesis, affinity diagrams, interrelationship digraph, Tree Diagram, prioritization matrix, matrix diagram, process decision program chart, activity network diagram.

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