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Sampling Supermarket Statistics

by Zabel, Mark

This webinar presents new ways of looking at how a large grocer measured and tracked customer quality...

  • Filetype: mp4
  • Publish date: 2011-11
  • Keywords:Statistical engineering, Six Sigma, Process improvement

Practical Aspects of Algorithmic Design of Physical Experiments

(from an Engineers Perspective)

by Pat Whitcomb

Webinar presented October 12, 2011 Standard experimental designs often prove to be unsuitable in practice. In such cases an algorithmic design is required. This webinar explores properties useful in this type of experimental design...

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  • Publish date: 2011-11
  • Keywords:

Censored Data

Fall 2011 Basic Tools Article

by Hotchkiss, Mindy R.;

This article provides a basic overview of censored data, including how to identify it and what to do with it. Censored data analysis methods and issues are discussed at a high level...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2011-10
  • Keywords:Censoring, Maximum likelihood estimation

Probability of Detection Analysis for Eddy Current Inspection Systems

Fall 2011 Mini-Paper

by Brown, Jennifer;

Eddy Current (EC) inspection is a Nondestructive Testing (NDT) method commonly used for flight quality assurance of commercial, military, and rocket engine hardware. One application of EC inspection is to detect surface or near-surface anomalies before they grow to a critical length which could impact the structural integrity of the hardware. EC inspection uses the principal of electromagnetism or the production of a magnetic field by current flowing in a conductor. Anything placed in the magnetic field that has electric and/or magnetic properties will change the field and produce an EC signal. Understanding the relationship between crack size and system response is the basis for determining the detection capability of an EC system. For a given EC system, the relationship between the EC response and crack size can be evaluated by scanning a set of standard specimens with a known number and distribution of crack sizes. The results are analyzed using the "a-hat versus a" analysis method to

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2011-10
  • Keywords:Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE), Probability of Detection (POD), Regression, Maximum likelihood estimation, Censoring, Eddy Current Inspection, Residuals

Understanding Data Differences Equals Making Better Decisions

September 2011 Webinar

by Fischer, Wayne G.;

This basic, introductory webinar uses everyday data from real life to discern which differences matter: how to detect them, how to interpret them, and how to use them for process improvement...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2011-09
  • Keywords:Control charts, Control limits, Histogram, I and MR chart, Shewhart chart, Special cause, Common cause, Statistical process control, Variability

Control Chart Dashboards

by Prevette, Steven S.

This webinar explores how to effectively use SPC-based dashboards...

  • Filetype: wmv
  • Publish date: 2011-08
  • Keywords:Control charts, Statistical process control, Dashboards, Scorecards

Control Charting and Process Capability Statements: Issues and Resolution

by Breyfogle, Forrest W.

A predictive performance measurement system is presented to address issues associated with traditional control charting techniques and process capability statements...

  • Filetype: wmv
  • Publish date: 2011-07
  • Keywords:Control charts, Statistical process control, Process capability, Scorecards, Dashboards

Model Selection (Part II: Model Selection Procedures)

by Gardner, Sam;

Overview of model selection procedures, including stepwise regression, model ranking, and model averaging...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2011-05
  • Keywords:model selection, Regression

Statistical Engineering Webinar

by Snee, Ron; Hoerl, Roger;

An introduction to “statistical engineering”, the study of how to best use known statistical principles and tools to solve high impact problems for the benefit of mankind...

  • Filetype: mp4
  • Publish date: 2011-04
  • Keywords:Statistical Thinking

Statistical Engineering Webinar (PDF Slides)

March 16, 2011 Webinar

by Snee, Ron; Hoerl, Roger;

An introduction to "statistical engineering", the study of how to best use known statistical principles and tools to solve high impact problems for the benefit of mankind...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2011-03
  • Keywords:Statistical thinking, Statistical engineering

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