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William G. Hunter Award

Deadline: June 30

Seeking Nominations for the 2019 William G. Hunter Award (PDF)


Criteria for Selection - The William G. Hunter Award is presented annually in order to encourage the creative development and application of statistical techniques to problem-solving in the quality field. Named in honor of the Statistics Division’s founding chairman, the award recognizes that person (or persons) whose actions most closely mirror Bill Hunter’s strengths, which were as:


  • A Communicator
  • A Consultant
  • An Educator (especially for practitioners)
  • An Innovator
  • An Integrator (of statistics with other disciplines) and
  • An Implementor (who obtained results)

Learn more about William Hunter in the archival document capturing the talk given at the Speakers' Dinner, 6th Annual William G. Hunter Conference on Quality that was in Madison, WI, June 2, 1993.

Download Award Criteria and Nomination Form (DOC) | Hunter Award Past Recipients (PDF)

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