ASQ - Statistics Division

ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter: Summer 1997 – Summer 1997

Abstract: The articles in this newsletter are Outgoing Chair’s Message, Incoming Chair’s Message, Editor’s Corner, 1996 Annual Evaluation ASQ Statistics Division, Basic Tools - Using a Graphical Technique for Determining and Displaying Process Capability, Meet Your Officers for 1996-1997, Second Annual Deming Lecture, Statistics Division AQC Annual Business Meeting, AQC Statistics Division Summary, 1997 AQC Short Course Summary on Statistical Thinking, Ellis R. Ott Scholarships, Creation of Section Liaisons, Statistics Division Presents Testimonial Awards, Fall Technical Conference, FTC Pre-Conference Short Courses, Mini Paper - A Note on EWMA, Joint Statistical Meeting Continuing Education Courses, Fall Technical Conference Scholarships, Membership Report, SPAIG Planning Meeting, 1997-2998 Officers and Committee Chairs.

Keywords: Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages (EWMA) - Control chart - Control limits - Cumulative sum control chart (CUSUM) - Cpk - I and MR chart - X-bar and R chart

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