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Nonstatistical Skills That Can Help Statisticians Be More Effective – Mini Paper Appearing in Winter 1997 Newsletter

Abstract: The new economic era we live in has resulted in a variety of new work situations for statisticians. Many are asked to be a member of a team that involves several different functions of the organization. Statisticians are also asked to work with groups in nontechnical areas. These groups tend to have less experience with data-based problem solving methods but, nonetheless, are working on problems critical to the success of the organization. Many statisticians have the opportunity to work with mid- and upper-level managers. All of these opportunities require new skills in addition to our statistical skills. Some of the more widely used skills and methods that can help statisticians become more effective are discussed. It is also shown how these new skills have much in common with statistical thinking.

Keywords: Statistical Thinking - Communication - Organizational development - Consulting - PDSA cycle - Flowchart - interrelationship digraph - affinity diagrams

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