ASQ - Statistics Division

ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter: Winter 1996 – Winter 1996

Abstract: The articles in this newsletter are Chair’s Message, Editor’s Corner, Letters to the Editor, Joint Research Conference on Statistics in Quality, Industry and Technology, Call for New Regional Councilors, Youden Address, Division Council Meeting, Tactical Planning Meeting, 1995 FTC Short Course Summary, Scholarship Formation, CQE’s Needed, 1996 AQC Technical Session Sponsored by Statistics Division, AQC Preconference Tutorial Effective Application of Statistical Thinking to Business Processes and Systems, Standards Committee Report, Membership Report, Annual Quality Congress Activities, Hunter Award, Division Activities, Statistics Division Job Openings, and Deadline for Newsletter Contributions.

Keywords: Statistical process control - Principal components - Projection latent structures (PLS) - Multivariate control charts - Covariance - Collinearity - Assignable cause - Common cause - Hotelling’s T2 statistic - Hypothesis testing

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