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Downsizing Avoidance: Applying Lean Six Sigma Tools in a 9-Step R-invented Business Management Sys. – 2010 Institute for Continual Quality Improvement Presentation

Abstract: Lean Six Sigma, total quality management (TQM), and other process improvement efforts have helped organizations improve; however, these efforts often occur in silos, where the benefits are not felt at the big picture executive level. Because of this, when financial times get tough, Lean Six Sigma programs often find that their efforts are being downsized and that both Black Belt and Master Black Belt process improvement practitioners are being laid off. Even though lean helped their organization eliminate much operational waste, executive management decided to close their facility. This presentation describes the nine logic steps associated with execution of the E-DMAIC system, where strategy creation is step five and incorporates a blending of analytics with innovation for this planning creation. The IEE business management governance system has a metric improvement need pull system for the creation of Project DMAIC (P-DMAIC) improvement efforts, which truly integrate lean and Six Sigma tools in the road map's execution and benefit the business as a whole upon completion.

Keywords: Managerial systems - Six Sigma

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