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Pareto Chart Template

by Sharma, Aseem

Use this very basic tool to capture and analyze problem occurrences...

  • Filetype: xlsx
  • Keywords:Tools and Templates; Pareto

Customer Satisfaction Index Template

by Sharma, Aseem

This template can be used to capture and evaluate the degree of customer satisfaction for any manufacturing or service industry organization...

  • Filetype: xlsx
  • Keywords:Customer Satisfaction Index; Pareto; Scores; Questionnaire; Weighted Score; Tools and Templates
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SSGB Study Guide: Chapter 1 – Define

by Christolear, Dean

The first chapter in this 5-part series walks you through the Define phase of the DMAIC process using a hypothetical SS GB project. Included are excel spreadsheets with known data and instructions for creating a Pareto Chart and Flowchart...

  • Filetype: pdf
  • Publish date: 2009-01
  • Keywords:Green Belt; DMAIC; Pareto Chart; Flowchart

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