SSGB Study Guide: Chapter 4 - Improve and Control

by Christolear, Dean

The fourth installment of this five-part series walks you through the Improve and Control phases. Included are steps for evaluating conclusions and confirming solutions...

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  • Publish date: 2009-04
  • Keywords:Green Belt; DMAIC: Improve; DMAIC: Control
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Process Drift Control Chart & Histogram Template

by Sharma, Aseem

Use this set of tools to assess process variation between operators, and to determine how well the process CTP or CTQ is centered on its target...

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  • Keywords:Quality Tools; Tools and Templates; Process Drift; DMAIC: Analyze, Control
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Process Drift Presentation

by Sharma, Aseem

PowerPoint presentation to accompany "Process Drift Control Chart & Histogram Template"..

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  • Keywords:DMAIC: Analyze, Control; Process Drift
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Assignable Cause Log Template

by McCain, Cecelia

The Assignable Cause Log is used with process measures and control plans to document out-of-control situations occurring from nonrandom or assignable causes. A separate log is maintained for each control plan measure.Write the name of the measure in the C..

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  • Keywords:Tools and Templates, DMAIC: Control
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Process Control Plan Worksheet

by Tonkin, Allan

This tool helps individuals and users document a Process Control Plan during the Improve and Control phase of a DMAIC project..

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  • Keywords:Tools and Templates, DMAIC: Improve - Control

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