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Six Sigma Forum Mentoring Program


The Six Sigma Forum is looking to start a mentoring program to support our members who are looking to grow in the field of Six Sigma. Our desire is to help connect mentees with potential mentors. Our first step is to secure a pool of mentors interested in participating with the Six Sigma Forum membership.
So why become a mentor?
-          Opportunity to give back to the Six Sigma Forum Membership
-          Opportunity to strengthen lessons you already know.
-          Opportunity to learn something new.
Successful mentors would have several years of experience with Six Sigma as either a Black Belt, Master Black Belt, or as a Champion and feel they would have something to offer a fellow Six Sigma professional. Some mentees might be interested in career advice, while others might be interested in advice on a project problem they are having.
If interested in becoming a mentor, we would ask that you submit the Mentor Profile application to the Six Sigma Forum (email Jeanine Becker, ASQ Include “SSF Mentoring Profile – Name” in the email title . Mentees will be able to access your profile via the Six Sigma Forum website. If contacted by a mentee, you will have the choice of participation in the mentoring process depending on your availability and assessment of the situation. By submitting a profile, you are not obligated to participate with a mentee request.


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