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Six Sigma Training

Reducing costs and accelerating cash flow can be a challenge for any organization. Service-related industries are no exception. ASQ offers a broad range of Six Sigma training and certification options specifically designed to address these concerns in the service industry.

Individualized Six Sigma Training for the Service Industry

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service

Web-based format—As a Six Sigma Black Belt, you need to lead, coach, and train. Our Web-based Lean Six Sigma training gives you more advanced Lean Six Sigma knowledge and the skills to apply it at all levels of a project.

Classroom format—This training program teaches and prepares change agents and leaders in an organization to implement the principles, practices, and techniques of Six Sigma. You’ll achieve breakthrough business improvement results, time after time.

Blended format—Acquire the same knowledge and skill sets provided by conventional Lean Six Sigma training for half the price, and at a fraction of the travel and non-work time. This breakthrough course is offered in a blended format that meets the needs of your busy life. Take advantage of all that blended learning offers.

  • Instructor-led real-time Web sessions
  • Individual project coaching
  • Face-to-face training
  • Self-paced Web-based training modules

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Service

Web-based format—As a Six Sigma Green Belt, you look at data collection and analysis for projects. Our Web-based Lean Six Sigma prepares you to assist on Six Sigma Black Belt projects and lead your own Six Sigma Green Belt projects.

Classroom format—You’ll learn to support process-improvement efforts in your service organization. Green Belts generally focus on local improvements (versus enterprise-wide initiatives).

Blended format—You’ll develop a comprehensive set of skills that you can apply effectively in a service environment as a Six Sigma Green Belt. This unique training blends the best of:

  • Individual Web-based learning
  • Classroom instruction
  • Real-time Web instruction
  • One-on-one mentoring

All of this means very little time away from work and family. Plus, you’ll save money on course enrollment, lodging, and travel expenses.

ASQ’s Six Sigma Training Programs

Executive Overview Designed for leaders who will communicate and direct the company’s overall objectives.
Champion Program — Designed for upper-level managers who lead the implementation efforts of Six Sigma—acting as a liaison between top management and those who actually implement the program.
Black Belt Program Designed for technical leaders who implement the principles, practices and techniques of Six Sigma at the organization level.
Green Belt Program — Designed for those who support Black Belts or who lead and execute process-level improvement projects.

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