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Insights on Excellence from ASQE

What is Insights on Excellence®?

ASQE’s Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Benchmarking Tool establishes a global data set of organizational performance excellence across eight categories of criteria: Operations, Voice of the Customer, Workforce, Leadership, Strategy, Technology, Measurements & Results, and Barriers & Disruptors.

Survey participation in the IoE Benchmarking Tool is an exclusive benefit of ASQE Organizational Membership, but the benchmarking results are compiled annually by ASQE to create industry- and category-specific reports that are available to members and nonmembers of both ASQ and ASQE.

ASQE's new Organizational Membership levels feature the leading benefit of access to the IoE Benchmarking Tool, coordinated with member-exclusive events like the Ascend Virtual Workshop series and Excellence Roundtable that dive deep into key IoE research takeaways, and provide networking opportunities with quality thought leaders across industries.

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While many challenges continue to impact organizations as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, data-driven decision making has proven to be a critical element of operational best practices. Explore the IoE research provided within this report, and the real-world examples identified by our featured quality subject matter experts, to help identify where you, your colleagues, and your supply chain can focus efforts on achieving positive change.

The data in this report was collected by survey in 2020 and 2021 to establish a foundational data set that examines how quality initiatives are progressing in the digital era, based on the views of 1,578 executives and quality professionals from global enterprises. This report identifies the latest emerging trends across eight IoE categories based on the perspective of the total 140 survey respondents from 2020 and 2021 who work in manufacturing and their value chain. These categories are

  • Operations
  • Voice of Customer
  • Workforce
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Measurements & Results
  • Barriers & Disruptors

“People take action after bad things happen. It takes a big event like a major recall or the pandemic to get companies aligned to have good prevention plans in place.”

“As a non-profit organization dedicated to training, certifying and supporting the field of quality, we knew that who we partnered with to deliver Insights on Excellence was going to be essential to achieving our goals. Forbes Insights is a globally-recognized strategic research organization with the resources to bring our vision to life and provide comprehensive data so we can help organizations move forward on a path to excellence.”