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Software Quality Professional (SQP) Author Guidelines

As technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) expand, more and more people will be impacted by modern software-intensive systems. This journal is dedicated to promoting the understanding of quality principles and practices in software and software-intensive systems, including advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Are you a thought leader working to improve the quality or security of these systems? Are you a thoughtful practitioner working in or with software-intensive systems, learning lessons that others would benefit from? Even if you are not a software engineer, we invite you to share your insights in SQP, ASQ's premier journal covering research and applications in this area for academics and practitioners.

We consider:

  1. Full articles (2000-6000 words) describing research results, case studies, literature reviews, “how-to” reports on techniques or tools, and perspective/issues pieces that are well grounded in data and the academic literature, in any area related to quality of software-intensive systems
  2. Quality Nuggets (600-2000 words) with shorter insights drawn from any part of the quality body of knowledge
  3. Practitioner Insights (600-2000 words) specifically geared towards software engineers and quality professionals
  4. Book Reviews and Software Resource Reviews (200-500 words) for materials that are of interest to this community

Topics include, but are not limited to, these subjects related to the Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) Body of Knowledge (http://asq.org/cert/resource/docs/csqe_bok.pdf):

Software Process

  1. Software Quality Management & Project Management
  2. Requirements Elicitation, Management, & Engineering
  3. Agile Methodologies
  4. DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  5. Software Process Improvement
  6. Software Testing & Security Engineering
  7. Quality and Cybersecurity

Innovative Applications

  1. Quality Issues in Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Systems
  2. Industrial Control Systems & Embedded Systems
  3. Real-time/Process Control Software and Systems
  4. Safety-Critical Software
  5. Automotive, Medical, Aviation Software Applications
  6. Ethics, Law, Security and Quality in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Software Issues in Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  8. Mobile Applications

Data, Analytics, and Experience

  1. Business Intelligence & Data Quality Management
  2. Quality in Big Data & Analytics
  3. Improving Usability and User Experience
  4. Quality and Human-Computer Interaction
  5. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  6. Cognitive Production Systems & Cognitive Ergonomics

For more information regarding the suitability of a proposed topic, or to submit short articles, announcements, or resourcer reviews, contact the Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Radziwill, at nicole.radziwill@gmail.com

Please submit completed articles to manuscripts@asq.org

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