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Resources for Further Reading: Next Generation Quality Leadership Case Study Series

Use the recommended resources listed below to help continue your exploration of topics discussed in the Next Generation Quality Leadership case studies, including quality management, organizational culture, transformation, and more.   

Looking for more? 

Introduction to Research in Quality 

  • Course introduction
  • Research methods, quality, and quality management
  • Competency assessment 
  • “Nothing Is Quite So Practical as a Good Theory.” Van de Ven, Andrew H. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 14 Issue 4. Oct. 1989.
  • “The Scientific Theory-Building Process: A Primer Using the Case of TQM.” Handfield, Robert B. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 16 No. 4. July 1998.
  • “A Definition of Theory: Research Guidelines for Different Theory-Building Research Methods In Operations Management.” Wacker, John G. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 16 Issue 4. July 1998.
  • “Evolution of Quality: First Fifty Issues of Production and Operations Management.” Schroeder, Roger G.; Linderman, Kevin; Dongli Zhang. Production & Operations Management. Vol. 14 Issue 4. Winter 2005. 

What is Quality? 

Topics: Defining and measuring quality 


  • “Blurred Vision: Many Business Leaders Still Don’t Have a Clear Picture Of Quality” by Douglas C. Wood. Quality Progress. July 2008: http://asq.org/quality-progress/2008/07/economic-case-for-quality/blurred-vision.html 
  • “History of Quality.” ASQ Knowledge Center. http://asq.org/learn-about-quality/history-of-quality/overview/overview.html
  • “Defining Quality: Alternatives and Implications.” Reeves, Carol A.; Bednar, David A. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 19 Issue 3. Jul y 1994. 
  • “Conceptual Model of the Quality Perception Process.” Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict E. M.  Journal of Business Research. Vol. 21 Issue 4. Dec. 1990. 
  • Competing on the eight dimensions of quality. By: Garvin, David A. Harvard Business Review, Vol. 65 Issue 6. Nov/Dec 1987.
  • “SERVQUAL: A Multiple-Item Scale for Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality.” Parasuraman, A.; Zeithaml, Valarie A.; Berry, Leonard L. Journal of Retailing. Vol. 64 Issue 1. Spring 1988.
  • “Development of a Multidimensional Measure Of Perceived Product Quality.” Stone-Romero, Eugene F.; Stone, Dianna L. Journal of Quality Management. Vol. 2 Issue 1. 1997.
  • “Estimating Hidden Quality Costs with Quality Loss Functions.” Kim, Michael W.; Liao, Woody M. Accounting Horizons. Vol. 8 Issue 1. March 1994. 

What is Quality Management? – Frameworks & Gurus

Topics: Deming, Juran, Crosby, Baldrige, ISO 9000


  • “Impact of Quality Management on Hospital Performance: An Empirical Investigation” by Robert E. Carter, Subhash C. Lonial, and P.S. Raju. Quality Management Journal. Vol. 17, No. 4. October 2010. http://asq.org/quality-management/2010/10/quality-management/impact-of-quality-management-on-hospital-performance-an-empirical-investigation.html 
  • “A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Aims at Inclusive Growth: Continual Improvement as a Management Imperative.” Watson, Gregory H. Journal for Quality and Participation. Vol. 34 No. 4. January 2012. http://asq.org/quality-participation/2012/01/continuous-improvement/inclusive-growth.html
  • “Guru Guide.” Quality Progress Staff. Quality Progress. November 2010. http://asq.org/quality-progress/2010/11/leadership/guru-guide.html
  • A Journey to Quality Leadership - Quality3. Mundy, Lee. ASQ Quality Press. 2011. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1399&xvl=76097924 
  • “Quality in a Global Healthcare System.” Burney, Robert. Journal for Quality and Participation. Vol. 33 No. 2. July 2010. http://asq.org/quality-participation/2010/07/global-quality/quality-in-a-global-healthcare-system.html 
  • Using ISO 9001 in Healthcare: Applications for Quality Systems, Performance Improvement, Clinical Integration, and Accreditation. Levett M.D., James M.; Burney M.D., Robert G. ASQ Quality Press. 2011. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1407&xvl=76103199  Improve Revenue and Create Organizational Excellence. Leonard, Denis; McGuire, Mac. ASQ Quality Press. 2007. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1310&xvl=76075281
  • Journey to Excellence: How Baldrige Health Care Leaders Succeed.  Goonan, M.D., Kathleen J.; Muzikowski, M.D., Joseph A.; Stoltz M.D.,  Patricia K. ASQ Quality Press. 2009. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1327&xvl=76080058
  • “Note on Quality: The Views of Deming, Juran, and Crosby.” Garvin, David A.; March, Artemis. Harvard Business School Cases. Sept. 1986. 
  • “A Theory of Quality Management Underlying The Deming Management Method.” Anderson, John C.; Rungtusanatham, Manus.  Academy of Management Review. Vol. 19 Issue 3. July 1994.
  • “Further Evidence on the Validity Of The Theoretical Models Underlying The Baldrige Criteria.” Flynn, Barbara B.; Saladin, Brooke. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 19 Issue 6. Nov. 2001.
  • “Joseph M. Juran, A Perspective on Past Contributions and Future Impact.” Godfrey, A. B.; Kenett, R. S. Quality and Reliability Engineering International. Vol. 23 No. 6. 2007
  • “Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Implementing A Replicable Management Standard: Installing and Using ISO 9000.” Naveh, Eitan; Marcus, Alfred. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 24 Issue 1. Dec. 2005.
  • “Quality Management Theory: Historical Context and Future Prospect.” Kronenberg, P.; Loeffler, R.  Journal of Management Science & Policy Analysis. 1991. 

What is Quality Management? – Definitional Convergence and Measurement

Topics: Defining and measuring quality management


  • “Management Theory and Total Quality: Improving Research And Practice Through Theory Development.” Dean Jr., James W.; Bowen, David E. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 19 Issue 3. July 1994.
  • “Total Quality Management: Empirical, Conceptual, and Practical Issues.” Hackman, J. Richard; Wageman, Ruth. Administrative Science Quarterly. Vol. 40 Issue 2. June 1995.
  • “Quality Management Re-Visited: A Reflective Review And Agenda For Future Research.” Sousa, Rui; Voss, Christopher A. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 20 Issue 1. Feb. 2002.
  • “Total Quality Management: A Literature Review And An Agenda For Future Research.” Ahire, S.; Landeros, R.; Golhar, D. Production and Operations Management. 1995.
  • “An Instrument for Measuring the Critical Factors of Quality Management.” Saraph, Jayant V.; Benson, P. George; Schroeder, Roger G. Decision Sciences, Vol. 20 Issue 4. Fall 1989.
  • “A Framework for Quality Management Research and an Associated Measurement Instrument.” Flynn, B. B.; Schroeder, R. G.; Sakakibara, S. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 11 Issue 4. 1994.
  • “An Empirical Test of the Causal Relationships in the Baldrige Health Care Pilot Criteria.” Meyer, Susan M.; Collier, David A. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 19 Issue 4, July 2001. 

Does Quality Matter for Firm Performance?

Topics: Relating quality to performance measurement


  • The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Quality Cost Programs. Wood, Douglas C. ASQ Quality Press. 2008: http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1309&xvl=76075340  
  • “Measuring the Cost of Quality For Management.” Cokins, Gary. Quality Progress. September 2006. http://asq.org/data/subscriptions/qp/2006/0906/qp0906cokins.html
  • “Raising the Bar.” Feigenbaum, A.V. Quality Progress. July 2008: http://asq.org/quality-progress/2008/07/cost-of-quality/raising-the-bar.html 
  • “The Role of Quality Measures in Pre- and Post-Decision Analysis of an Organizational Change.” Gray, Edward H.; Gray, Irwin; Yodice, Paul C.; Rezai, Fariborz; Fless, Kristin. Quality Management Journal. Vol. 18 No. 4. October 2011: http://asq.org/quality-management/2011/09/quality-management/quality-measures-in-organizational-change.html 
  • “Consumer Decision-Making Strategies and Use of Hospital Quality Measures.” Marquard, Jenna L.; Duffey, Noah; Lin, Qi Ming. Quality Management Journal. Vol. 18 No. 4. October 2011. http://asq.org/quality-management/2011/09/use-of-hospital-quality-measures.html 
  • “Total Quality Management as Competitive Advantage: A Review and Empirical Study.” Powell, T.C. Strategic Management Journal. Vol. 16 No. 1. 1995.  
  • “Quality Awards and the Market Value of the Firm: An Empirical Investigation.” Hendricks, K. B.;  Singhal, V. R. Management Science. Vol. 42 No. 3. March 1996.
  • “The Effects of Total Quality Management on Corporate Performance: An Empirical Investigation.” Easton G. E.; Jarrell S. L. The Journal of Business.  Vol. 71 No 2. 1998.
  • “Product Quality, Cost Position and Business Performance: A Test of Some Key Hypotheses.” Phillips, Lynn W.; Chang, Dae R.; Buzzell, Robert D. Journal of Marketing. Vol. 47 No. 2. Spring 1983. 
  • “The Impact Of Quality Management Practices On Performance and Competitive Advantage.” Flynn, B.; Schroeder, R.; Sakakibara, S. Decision Sciences. Vol. 25 No. 5. 1995.
  • “Meta-Analysis Of The Relationship Between Quality Management Practices And Firm Performance—Implications For Quality Management Theory Development.” Nair, Anand. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 24 Issue 6. Dec. 2006. 

Does Quality Matter for Operational Performance?  


  • Relating quality management to operational performance
  • Effects of quality management operational performance versus firm performance 


  • “Operations Excellence: A Multi-Faceted Transformational Approach to Breakthrough Performance.” Steed, Airica. Journal for Quality and Participation. Vol. 34 No. 2. July 2011: http://asq.org/quality-participation/2011/07/process-management/multi-faceted-transformational-approach-to-breakthrough-performance.html
  • “Management System Design for Sustainable Excellence: Framework, Practices, and Considerations.” Latham, John R. Quality Management Journal. Vol. 19 No. 2. April 2012. http://asq.org/quality-management/2012/04/baldrige-national-quality-program/management-system-design.html 
  • The Quality Improvement Handbook, 2nd Ed. ASQ Quality Management Division; Bauer, John E.; Duffy, Grace L.; Westcott, Russell T. ASQ Quality Press. 2006. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1289&xvl=76BK_H1289
  • “A Simple Model for Quality Management System Implementation in Healthcare Organizations and Services.” Berte, Lucia M. ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement. Vol. 59. May 2005:  http://asq.org/members/news/aqc/59_2005/simple_model_for_qms_in_healthcare.html
  • The Public Health Quality Improvement Handbook. Bialek,  Ron; Moran, John W.; Duffy, Grace L. ASQ Quality Press. 2009. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1362&xvl=76091561 
  • “The TQM Paradox: Relations Among TQM Practices, Plant Performance, and Customer.” Choi, Thomas Y.; Eboch, Karen. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 17 Issue 1. Dec. 1998.
  • “Capability Traps and Self-Confirming Attribution Errors in the Dynamics of Process Improvement.” Repenning, Nelson R.; Sterman, John D. Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 47 Issue 2. June 2002.
  • “Assessing the Impact of Continuous Quality Improvement/Total Quality Management: Concept Versus Implementation.” Shortell, S. M.; O'Brien, J. L.; Carman, J. M.; Foster, R. W.; Hughes, E. F.; Boerstler, H.;  O'Connor, E. J. Health Services Research. Vol. 30 Issue 2. June 1995. 
  • “Examining the Impact of Speed of Quality Improvement on Quality-Related Costs.” Foster Jr., S.; Thomas, Adam; Everett, E. Decision Sciences, Vol. 27 Issue 4. Fall 1996. 
  • “Beyond Improved Quality: The Motivational Effects of Statistical Process Control.” Rungtusanatham, Manus. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 19 Issue 6. Nov. 2001.
  • “Managing the Quality Process: Lessons from a Baldrige Award Winner a Conversation with John W. Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of the Wallace Company.” Hill, Robert C.; Freedman, Sara M. The Executive. Vol. 6 No. 1 Feb. 1992.   

Does Context Matter for Quality Management? 


  • Contextual factors that affect quality management
  • Strategy and quality management


  • “The Effects of Organizational Context on Quality Management: An Empirical Investigation.” Benson, P. George; Saraph, Jayant V.; Schroeder, Roger G. Management Science, Vol. 37 Issue 9. Sept. 1991.
  • “Distinguishing Control From Learning In Total Quality Management: A Contingency Perspective.” Sitkin, Sim B.; Sutcliffe, Kathleen M. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 19 Issue 3. July 1994.
  • “Linking Quality Management to Manufacturing Strategy: An Empirical Investigation Of Customer Focus Practices.” Sousa, Rui. Journal of Operations Management.  Vol. 21 Issue 1. Jan. 2003.
  • “Process Management and Technological Innovation: A Longitudinal Study of the Photography and Paint Industries.” Benner, Mary J.; Tushman, Michael. Administrative Science Quarterly. Vol. 47 Issue 4. Dec. 2002.
  • “Customization or Conformity? An Institutional and Network Perspective on the Content and Consequences of TQM Adoption.” Westphal, James D.; Gulati, Ranjay; Shortell, Stephen M. Administrative Science Quarterly. Vol. 42 Issue 2. June 1997. 

Does Culture Matter for Quality Management? 


  • Organizational culture and quality management 
  • National culture, national origin, and quality management 


  • “Organizational Culture, Knowledge Management, and Patient Safety in U.S. Hospitals” Stock, Gregory N.; McFadden, Kathleen L.; Gowen III, Charles R. Quality Management Journal, Vol. 17 No. 2. April 2010. http://asq.org/quality-management/2010/04/quality-management/organizational-culture-knowledge-management-and-patient-safety-in-us-hospitals.html 
  • “Tribal Quest.” Dew, John. Quality Progress. December 2011: http://asq.org/quality-progress/2011/12/basic-quality/tribal-quest.html
  • “Eight Steps to Sustain Change.” Schultz, John R. Quality Progress. November 2007. http://asq.org/quality-progress/2007/11/change-managementment/eight-steps-to-sustain-change.html
  • “No Longer Waiting for Answers.” Schooley, John. Quality Progress. November 2008. http://asq.org/quality-progress/2008/11/change-management/no-longer-waiting-for-answers.html 
  • Do It Right the Second Time: Benchmarking Best Practices in the Quality Change Process, 2nd Ed. Merrill, Peter. ASQ Quality Press. 2009. http://asq.org/quality-press/display-item/index.html?item=H1320&xvl=76080047 
  • “A Framework for Linking Culture and Improvement Initiatives in Organizations.” Detert, James R. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 25 Issue 4. Oct. 2000.
  • The Role of Culture as Driver of Quality Management and Performance: Infrastructure Versus Core Quality Practices. Naor, Michael; Goldstein, Susan M.; Linderman, Kevin W.; Schroeder, Roger G. Decision Sciences. Vol. 39 Issue 4. Nov. 2008.
  • “Relevance of Baldrige Constructs In An International Context: A Study Of National Culture.” Flynn, Barbara B.; Saladin, Brooke. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 24 Issue 5. Sept. 2006.
  • “Quality Problems, Policies, and Attitudes In The United States And Japan: An Exploratory Study.” Garvin, David A. Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 29 Issue 4. Dec 1986.
  • “TQM Across Multiple Countries: Convergence Hypothesis Versus National Specificity Arguments.” Rungtusanathama, M.; Forza, C.; Koka, B. R.; Salvador, F.; Nie, W. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 23 Issue 1. Jan. 2005.  

How Do People Affect Quality Management? 

Topics: Work design and motivation in quality management


  • “Six Sigma: The Role of Goals In Improvement Teams. Linderman, Kevin; Schroeder, Roger G.; Choo, Adrian S. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 24 Issue 6. Dec. 2006. 
  • “The Effective Design of Work Under Total Quality Management.” Victor, Bart; Boynton, Andrew; Stephens-Jahng, Theresa. Organization Science. Vol. 11 Issue 1. Jan./Feb. 2000.
  • “Work-Team Implementation and Trajectories of Manufacturing Quality: A Longitudinal Field Study.” Banker, Rajiv D.; Field, Joy M; Sinha, Kingshuk K. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. Winter 2001
  • “The Contributions Of Total Quality Management To A Theory Of Work Performance.” Waldman, David A. Academy of Management Review. Vol. 19 Issue 3. July 1994. 
  • “Total Quality Management and Employee Involvement: Are They Compatible?” Lawler, E. E. Academy of Management Executive. Vol. 8 No. 1. 1994.
  • “Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Outcomes of Participation in Quality Circles: Conceptual and Empirical Findings.” Steel R.P.; Lloyd R.F. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. Vol. 24 No. 1. 1988.
  • “Quality Management and Job Quality: How the ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management Systems Affects Employees and Employers.” Levine, David I.; Toffel, Michael W. Management Science. Vol. 56 Issue 6. June 2010.

Does Quality Management Affect Learning? 

Topics: Organizational learning, knowledge creation, and problem understanding and diagnosis in quality management  


  • “Knowledge Driven Quality Improvement: Part II of II.” Mukherjee, Amit Shankar; Lapre, Michael A. Management Science. Vol. 44 Issue 11. Nov. 1998. 
  • “The Road to `Root Cause': Shop-Floor Problem-Solving At Three Auto Assembly Plants.” MacDuffie, John Paul. Management Science. Vol. 43 Issue 4. April 1997.
  • “Method and Context Perspectives on Learning and Knowledge Creation in Quality Management.” Choo, Adrian S.; Linderman, Kevin W.; Schroeder, Roger G. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 25 Issue 4. June 2007.
  • “Method and Psychological Effects on Learning Behaviors and Knowledge Creation in Quality Improvement Projects.” Choo, Adrian S.; Linderman, Kevin W.; Schroeder, Roger G. Management Science. Vol. 53 Issue 3. March 2007.
  • “Quality Improvement and Learning in Productive Systems.” Fine, C.H. Management Science. Vol. 32 No. 10. Oct. 1986.
  • “Too Much Of A Good Thing? Quality as an Impediment to Innovation.” Cole, Robert E.; Matsumiya, Tsuyoshi. California Management Review. Vol. 50 Issue 1. Fall 2007. 

Has Quality Management Become Too Broad?

Topics: Revisiting the discriminate validity of quality management


  • “Customization or Conformity? An Institutional and Network Perspective on the Content and Consequences of TQM Adoption.” Westphal, James D.; Gulati, Ranjay. Administrative Science Quarterly. Vol. 42 Issue 2. June 1997.
  • “The Rhetoric and Reality of Total Quality Management.” Zbaracki, Mark J. Administrative Science Quarterly. Sept. 1998. Vol. 43 Issue 3.
  • “Six Sigma: Definition and Underlying Theory.” Schroeder, Roger G.; Linderman, Kevin; Liedtke, Charles; Choo, Adrian S. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 26 Issue 4. July 2008.
  • “Total Quality Management: Its Relationship To Administrative Theory and Organizational Behavior in the Public Sector.” Ehrembrg, Rudolph H.; Stupak, Ronald J. Public Administration Quarterly. 1994.
  • “Attaining Flexible Stability by Integrating Total Quality Management and Socio-Technical Systems Theory.” Manz, Charles C.; Stewart, Greg L. Organization Science. Vol. 8 No. 1. Jan./Feb. 1997. 


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