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ASQ recognizes contributors to the quality knowledge community.

Have you authored a book or article, spoken at an event, participated on a review board, or contributed in some other way to the creation of ASQ content? If so, we would like to publicly recognize you for your efforts with "Voices in Quality" profile.

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Mark J. Anderson
Mark J. Anderson, Principal and General Manager, Stat-Ease, Inc.

Mark J. Anderson Mark Anderson is a principal and general manager of Stat-Ease, Inc., www.statease.com. He has more than 30 years of experience in quality improvement, process development, and general management, with design of experiments (DOE) as an area of specialization.

A certified Professional Engineer (PE) and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Mark holds two degrees from the University of Minnesota: a master's of business administration and a bachelor's of science in chemical engineering.  

In addition to publishing numerous articles on DOE, he is co-author of two books:

A Senior member of ASQ, Mark has spoken at local and national conferences and taught workshops on DOE.

Other volunteer activities include the Committee for ASTM E1169 Ruggedness Testing.

Also learn about Mark by visiting www.statease.com/markand.html

George Beam
George Beam, Associate Professor of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago

George Beam George joined ASQ in 2003 to gain further understanding of quality management and to participate in its improvement and advancement.

A former head of the Department of Public Administration, George emphasizes the quality management approach in all his courses: public administration theory, leadership, government ethics, and methodology. His work as an educator and advocate of quality management is not limited to the classroom. George has developed continuing education programs and conducted workshops and seminars that have reached public managers and executives from Chicago to Beijing, China, and Riga, Latvia.

George has authored, co-authored, and co-edited six books on various topics in public administration, American government and politics, management, and methodology. His most recent publication, The Problem with Survey Research, was published in April 2012. He has written and presented papers at ASQ, public administration, and social science conferences in the United States and abroad.

Visit George Beam's Blog for his perspectives and interpretations of academic and popular topics.

You can find his resume and a current list of his books on his website, and you can follow him on Facebook.

Gwanhoo Lee
Gwanhoo Lee

Gwanhoo Lee Professional
  • Kogod School of Business, American University
    • Associate Professor of IT Management
    • Director, Center for IT and the Global Economy
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Minnesota, 2004
  • 2001 Juran Fellow, Joseph M. Juran Center on Leadership in Quality
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, 1993
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, 1991
Research Interests/Expertise
  • Web 2.0 and open collaboration and innovation; managing agility and complexity in software development; managing globally dispersed software development; CIO leadership; technology adoption and acceptance.
Publications (partial list)
  • "Towards Agile: An Integrated Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Field Data on Software Development Agility," Gwanhoo Lee and Weidong Xia, MIS Quarterly, 34(1), 2010, pp. 87-114.
  • "Understanding the Flexibility Gap of Information Systems Development: An Empirical Study," Weidong Xia and Gwanhoo Lee, Journal of Information Technology Management, 20(2), 2009, pp. 11-21.
  • "Why Consumers (Don’t) Adopt Smart Wearable Electronics," Gretchen Anderson and Gwanhoo Lee, IEEE Pervasive Computing 7(3), Jul-Sept, 2008, pp. 10-12.
  • "Organizational Size and IT Innovation Adoption: A Meta-Analytic Review," Gwanhoo Lee and Weidong Xia, Information & Management, 43(8), 2006, pp. 975-985.
  • "Global Boundaries, Task Processes and IS Project Success: A Field Study," J. Alberto Espinosa, William H. DeLone, and Gwanhoo Lee, Information Technology and People, 19(4), 2006, pp. 345-370.
  • "Flexibility and Rigor: Ambidextrous Coping Strategies in Globally-Distributed Software Development Projects," Gwanhoo Lee, William H. DeLone, and J. Alberto Espinosa, Communications of the ACM, 49(10), 2006, pp. 35-40.
  • "Complexity of Information Systems Development Projects: Conceptualization and Measurement Development," Weidong Xia and Gwanhoo Lee, Journal of Management Information Systems, 22(1), 2005, pp. 45-83.
  • "The Ability of Information Systems Development Project Teams to Respond to Business and Technology Changes: A Study of Flexibility Measures," Gwanhoo Lee and Weidong Xia, European Journal of Information Systems, 14(1), 2005, pp. 75-92.
  • "Grasping the Complexity of IS Development Projects," Weidong Xia and Gwanhoo Lee, Communications of the ACM, 47(5), 2004, pp. 68-74.
Enno Siemsen
Enno Siemsen

Enno Siemsen Professional
  • Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
    • Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Ph.D. in Operations, Technology, and Innovation Management, University of North Carolina, 2005
  • 2003–04 Juran Fellow, Joseph M. Juran Center on Leadership in Quality
  • Diplom Kaufman, University of Göttingen, 2001
Research Interests/Expertise
  • Knowledge and creativity management; management; manufacturing; operation management.
Publications (partial list)
  • Siemsen, E., A. Roth and P. Oliveira. 2009. "Common Method Bias in Regression Models with Linear, Quadratic, and Interaction Effects." Forthcoming at Organizational Research Methods.
  • Siemsen, E., A. Roth, S. Balasubramanian and G. Anand. 2009. "The Influence of Psychological Safety and Confidence on Employee Knowledge Sharing." Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 11(3): 429-447.
  • Siemsen, E. 2008. "The Hidden Perils of Career Concerns in R&D Organizations." Management Science, 54(5): 863-877 [Lead Article].
  • Siemsen, E., A. Roth and S. Balasubramanian. 2008. "How Motivation, Opportunity and Ability Drive Knowledge Sharing: The Constraining Factor Model." Journal of Operations Management, 26(3): 426-445.
  • Siemsen, E. and K. Bollen. 2007. "LAD: An Alternative Estimator for Structural Equation Models." Sociological Methods and Research, 36(2): 227-265.
  • Siemsen, E., Balasubramanian, S. and A. Roth. 2007. "Incentives that Induce Task-Related Effort, Helping and Knowledge Sharing in Workgroups." Management Science, 53(10): 1533-1550.
Patrick J. Whitcomb
Patrick J. Whitcomb, Founder, Stat-Ease, Inc.

Patrick Whitcomb Pat Whitcomb is the founding principal and president of Stat-Ease, Inc., www.statease.com. Having more than 30 years of experience, he has previously worked as a chemical engineer, quality assurance manager, and plant manager. He specializes in the application of design of experiments (DOE) and other statistical methods.

A certified Professional Engineer (PE), Pat earned bachelor's and master's degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota.

He has authored many articles on DOE and co-authored two books:

Pat has been a member of ASQ for 30 years and a member of ASA for 20 years.

Learn more about Pat at www.statease.com/patwhit.

Jisun Yu
Jisun Yu

  • John Molson School of Business, Concordia University
    • Assistant Professor of Management
  • Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Organization, University of Minnesota, 2007
  • 2006 Juran Fellow, Joseph M. Juran Center on Leadership in Quality
  • M.B.A., Carnegie Mellon University, 2002
  • B.A. in Anthropology, Seoul National University, 1997
Research Interests
  • Cross-border transfer, adoption, and implementation of organizational practices; managing multination enterprises; implementation of strategic decisions.
Publications (partial list)
  • Yu, Jisun and Srilata Zaheer, “Building a Process Model of Local Adaptation of Practices: A Study of Six Sigma Implementation in Korean and US firms,” Journal of International Business Studies, 41(3), 2010, pp. 475-499.
  • Yu, Jisun, Rhonda Engleman, and Andrew H. Van de Ven, “The Integration Journey: An Attention-Based View of the Merger and Acquisition Integration Process,” Organization Studies, 26(10), 2005, pp. 1502-1528.

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