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Quality in Chatbots and Intelligent Conversational Agents
  • Software Development
  • Open Access

Quality in Chatbots and Intelligent Conversational Agents

Software Quality Professional
June 2017
Volume 19 Issue 3
pp. 25-36
Benton, Morgan, Radziwill, Nicole
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA


[This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.]Chatbots are one class of intelligent, conversational software agents activated by natural language input (which can be in the form of text, voice, or both). They provide conversational output in response and, if commanded, can sometimes also execute tasks. Although chatbot technologies have existed since the 1960s and have influenced user interface development in games since the early 1980s, chatbots are now easier to train and implement. This is due to plentiful open source code, widely available development platforms, and implementation options via software as a service (SaaS). In addition to enhancing customer experiences and supporting learning, chatbots can also be used to engineer social harm—that is, to spread rumors and misinformation, or attack people for posting their thoughts and opinions online. This paper presents a literature review of quality issues and attributes as they relate to the contemporary issue of chatbot development and implementation. Finally, quality assessment approaches are reviewed, and a quality assessment method based on these attributes and the analytic hierarchy process is proposed and examined.

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