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Words of Wisdom
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Words of Wisdom

Expert advice on what it takes to make it in quality

Quality Progress
July 2021
Volume 54 Issue 7
pp. 16-29
Pylipow, Peter, Barsalou, Matthew, Perkin, Robert, Seaman, Julia, Bedgood, Casey, Bossert, Jim, Coleman Sr., Lance B., Laman, Scott, Coviello, Deborah A., Sille, Luigi, Pruitt, W. Frazier, Radziwill, Nicole, Hooks, Jennifer, Lindborg, Hank


Many arrive in the quality profession via a circuitous journey. You can't get a degree in quality, so the ways people wind up in the field vary. For many, finding quality ignites a new passion, but with it comes a learning curve. Perhaps you've been introduced to flow charts or check sheets in a college class, but now your need for information is amplified by the demands of your job and career. Who would be better to advise you than those who have “been there/done that.” QP tapped 14 seasoned quality experts and asked them what advice they’d give newbies coming into the quality profession. What quality tools should they know? What personal skills should they hone? What resources will help them build a solid career foundation? Tear out these pages (or bookmark this webpage) of insider advice.