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Living in a Material World
  • Electronics, Manufacturing, Medical Devices

Living in a Material World

Identify root causes to increase efficiency and prevent poor material quality

Quality Progress
March 2023
Volume 56 Issue 3
pp. 26-30
Kannan, Sumitha
Escatec Mechatronics Sdn Bhd, Johor Bahru, Johor


The supply chains in electronics are complicated by many paths to bringing defective components to the assembly area. For the fastest response to issues related to part failure, intimate knowledge of reasons internal to the organization for any failure saves months of lost time incorrectly labeling a problem as a manufacturer error. Avoid over-purchasing approved parts in anticipation of needs, because even electronic components have shelf lives. Efforts against the accumulation of moisture especially benefit here, because invisibly defective packaging—potentially its own target for quality—might despite itself still be enough to ward off corrosion long enough for the part to be correctly used. If inventory is a source of waste, therefore, use quality tools to clear the shelves ASAP. Keep in mind always that approved vendor lists for each part might require individual quality investigations and testing.

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