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ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10005-2005: Quality management - Guidelines for quality plans (e-standard)
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ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10005-2005: Quality management - Guidelines for quality plans (e-standard)

PDF, 33 pages, Published 2006
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  • ISO 9000
  • quality plans
  • ISO 10005


The International Standard ISO 10005 was prepared to address the need for guidance on quality plans, either in the context of an established quality management system or as an independent management activity. In either case, quality plans provide a means of relating specific requirements of the process, product, project or contract to work methods and practices that support product realization. The quality plan should be compatible with other associated plans that may be prepared.

Among the benefits of establishing a quality plan are the increased confidence that requirements will be met, greater assurance that processes are in control and the motivation it can give to those involved. It may also give insight into opportunities for improvement.

ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q10005-2005 does not replace the guidance given in ISO 9004:2000 or in industry specific documents. Where quality plans are required for project applications, the guidance provided in this International Standard is intended to be complementary to the guidance provided in ISO 10006.