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Statistical Thinking
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Statistical Thinking

Janice Shade, Roger Hoerl, Galen Britz, Lynne Hare, Don Emerling

Spiralbound, 0 pages, Published 2001
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The world continues to become increasingly complex and competitive. A major transition began in the early 1980s when global competition became an economic force. The change was driven by increasing customer demands for
better products and more responsive services, and was made possible by advances in technology, transportation, and communication. This rapidly changing and highly competitive environment requires all organizations to
find ways to improve if they want to survive. While the competition in business environments may be obvious, it is important to realize that the same competition is occurring in virtually all organizations, such as government, health care, education, and even religious organizations.
Because of the competitive environment within which organizations find themselves, improvement is critical to survival and progress. Since typically the competition also is improving, it is often the rate of improvement that determines the winners and losers. Clearly then, for an organization to survive and prosper, steady improvement is critical. One must therefore learn how to improve.

Statistical Thinking is one approach that provides a theory and methodology to help us improve. Statistical Thinking helps identify where improvement is needed, provides the general approach to take, and even suggests the
tools to use. Statistical Thinking also ensures that improvements are made to the entire system, not just to one part of it. This publication describes Statistical Thinking, discusses its relation with statistical
methods, and provides many examples - perfect for any aspiring quality professional who needs to learn more on the subject.