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Emerging Quality Leaders

Application Deadline: March 15

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Paul Borawski Emerging Quality Leaders Program Scholarship Fund


PDF, Published 2015

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  • Paul ‭Borawski Emerging Quality ‭Leaders Program Scholarship ‭Fund
  • ASQ Emerging Quality Leaders Program


The ASQ Emerging Quality Leaders Program ‭offers a unique experience that focuses ‭on establishing a culture of quality and ‭performance excellence. Participants emerge ‭with a broader perspective on how to achieve ‭performance for their own organizations, ‭stimulate innovation, and gain the skills ‭needed to lead in the 21‭st‭ century.

The award aims to provide future scholars who are traditionally under-represented in the quality community with the opportunity to gain support, education, access, service and networking experiences. ASQ encourages the development of diverse leaders in the quality profession.

Help future quality leaders achieve the next step on their practical learning experience by donating to the Emerging Quality ‭Leaders Program Scholarship ‭Fund.