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The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger™

The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger™

Diane Ritter, Michael Brassard

Spiralbound, 177 pages, Published 2001
Dimensions: 3½ x 5½
ISBN: 978-1-57681-021-7
Item Number: P880

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  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Teams


Stretch your organization’s creative thinking ability with The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger™, and develop innovative solutions to today’s business problems. Brainstorming is just one of the 14 tools described in this practical guide to innovative thinking. Other tools show you how to restate the problem so you can see it differently, generate new ideas, transfer knowledge from other areas, and identify all possible solutions to the problem.

Whether you know the tool you need or need a suggestion, you can put your finger on any creativity tool within seconds. Because innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, the book explains how to develop an environment that enhances creativity, and how to integrate the tools in your organizational improvement activities.


  • Why Do We Need Creativity

  • Setting the Stage for the Creativity Tools

  • Putting the Creativity Tools into an Organizational Improvement Context

  • The Creativity Tools

  • Other Great Stuff

  • Activities to Enhance Creativity