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The Memory Jogger Plus+¨
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The Memory Jogger Plus+¨

Michael Brassard

Spiralbound, 302 pages, Published 1999
Dimensions: 8 x 9
Item Number: P448

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The Memory Jogger Plus+¨ features the proven Seven Management and Planning Tools in an in-depth text. Learn to identify breakthroughs in thinking and strategy, prevent expensive and time-consuming plan revisions, and create plans that work.


  • Seven Management and Planning Tools for Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Interrelationship Digraph
  • Tree Diagram
  • Prioritization Matrices
  • Matrix Diagram
  • Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)
  • Activity Network Diagram
  • Implementing the 7 MP Tools in Your Organization