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Clarity First
Cover image for Clarity First: How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve Outstanding Performance

Clarity First

How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve Outstanding Performance

Karen Martin

Hardcover, 320 pages, Published 2018
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-259-83735-7
Item Number: P1636

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  • leadership
  • prioritizing
  • problem-solving
  • efficiency
  • personal development


Award-winning business performance improvement and Lean management expert Karen Martin diagnoses a ubiquitous business management and leadership problem—the lack of clarity—and outlines specific actions to dramatically improve organizational performance.  

Through her global consulting projects, keynote speeches, and work with thousands of leaders, Karen has seen first-hand how a pervasive lack of clarity strangles business performance and erodes employee engagement. Ambiguity is the corporate default state, a condition so prevalent that “tolerance for ambiguity” has become a clichéd job requirement. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

In Clarity First, Karen provides methods and insights for achieving clarity to unleash potential, innovate at higher levels, and solve the problems that matter to deliver outstanding business results. Both a visionary road map and practical guide, this book will help leaders:
  • Identify and communicate the organization’s true purpose
  • Set achievable priorities
  • Deliver greater customer value through more efficient processes
  • Build organization-wide problem solving capabilities
  • Develop personal clarity to become a more direct, purposeful, and successful leader 
Eliminating ambiguity is the first step for leaders and organizations to achieve strategic goals.  Learn how to gain the clarity needed to make better decisions, lead more effectively, and boost organizational performance.   

When it comes to leading an outstanding organization, every great leader needs Clarity First.