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The Risk Based Thinking Memory Jogger
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The Risk Based Thinking Memory Jogger


Spiralbound, 128 pages, Published 2017
Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.5
ISBN: 978-1-57681-196-2
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  • risk management


An important change in the 2015 revision of ISO 9001 is the need to establish a systematic approach to considering Risk-Based Thinking throughout the system and as an integrated part of the Quality Management System. This Memory Jogger addresses that ISO requirement head on with a collection of tried and tested practical tools to deploy Risk-Based Thinking immediately into your business. The recommended tools and processes will help identify and mitigate the current risks to your business, and provide you with a system to identify and mitigate risk in the longer term.

Written by experienced hands on practitioners, this Memory Jogger is a packed with practical advice and examples on how to implement Risk-Based Thinking in a way that will work for you and your business. It covers a process and tools for scanning the environment, integrating Interested Party requirements, risk assessment, risk analysis, and full integration of the concept from contextual analysis to process monitoring. It explains the value and application of tools such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, PESTLE analysis, Force Field analysis, Double Reverse Analysis, Bow Tie Analysis, FMEA, and Turtle Diagrams, in an integrated system for implementing Risk-Based Thinking into your Quality Management System. It explains each of the tools through the classic Memory Jogger breakdown into questions, such as Who should use it? What is it? When do I use it? How do I do it? and then provides completed examples of each of the tools in Manufacturing, Systems, and Business Process environments.

If you work within a Quality Management System, you are now required to utilize Risk-based Thinking, and this Memory Jogger is your indispensable guide on how to do that successfully.