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40 Principles, Extended Edition

40 Principles, Extended Edition

TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation

Genrich Altshuller

Softcover, 143 pages, Published 2015
Dimensions: 81/2 x 11
ISBN: 0964074052
Item Number: P1586

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This new Extended Edition of Atshuller's 40 Principles has been redesigned and improved over previous editions. It now includes new sets of explanatory examples for each Principle by American TRIZ expert Dana W. Clarke, Sr. These new examples, in conjunction with the original illustrations, offer a much more complete view of how each Principle may be applied to innovative problem solving. The publication also includes a 16 in. x 21 in. pull-out contradiction matrix. As before, this illustrated book of the TRIZ 40 principles acts as a "How to" book for learning the way in which Altshuller's 40 Principles are used in developing solution concepts for technical contradictions.