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Innovation Reboot
Innovation Reboot

Innovation Reboot

Chris Hakes

Hardcover, 192 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-90486-102-7
Item Number: P1542

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Innovation is easy to talk about; everyone thinks that it is a good thing, no one ever challenges the aim, corporate Innovation and individual entrepreneurship are widely accepted enablers for organisational growth, economic stability and job creation, but there is often a big gap between Innovation rhetoric and reality.

In Innovation Reboot, Chris Hakes challenges business managers and entrepreneurs to think again about Innovation. Based on the author's experience and review of Innovation enabling good practice, this book provides a concise way for readers to learn what 'wise innovators' do to bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality.

Readers of Innovation Reboot will learn Innovation enabling good practice, how to assess their organisation's (or their team's) performance against a proven Innovation Capability Framework and be guided on the creation of performance improvement plans. The book contains:

-Insights into why successful organisations (large or small, public or private) regard Innovation as an essential competence in today's disruptive world

-A Capability Assessment Framework with a 7 element scorecard to allow readers to assess their organisation's (or their team's) performance and plan improvements

-Insights into proven practices that have worked for successful innovators

-Guidance on how best to manage Innovation and build the competences likely to enhance their own, their team's, their organisation's and maybe even their region's future success.