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The Safety Management Systems Memory Jogger 2

The Safety Management Systems Memory Jogger 2

Michael Brassard, Diane Ritter

Spiralbound, 183 pages
Dimensions: Pocket Guide
ISBN: 978-1-57681-156-6
Item Number: P1506

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  • Safety
  • management systems
  • memory jogger


Implement SMS using the principles of Quality Assurance.

A must have pocket guide tool box if you are required to have a Safety Management System (SMS) in your organization, or you have chosen to implement a SMS because you understand the success you will have as a result of ‘gaining control’ of your environment and ensuring you are meeting your safety objectives.

DTI Training International, our partner in bringing this title to you, has been training and working with various organizations on the implementation of Safety Management Systems using the principles of Quality Assurance (QA). DTI has found the work that they have done, whether with the United States Department of Defense, NASA, Transport Canada, or with small operators such as flight schools and aerial applicators, the principles of the SMS are all the same.