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Change or Die

Change or Die

The Business Process Improvement Manual

Maxine Attong, Terrence Metz

Softcover, 378 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-46651-251-1
Item Number: P1498

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  • Change management


Leadership success depends on clarifying and simplifying complex problems while maintaining a positive outlook. Change or Die: The Business Process Improvement Manual provides you with the tools to do so. Packed with more than 70 pages of workshop tools, agendas, and activities that detail each of the six stages of the business process improvement (BPI) method, it presents a BPI method that promotes the use of facilitator-led workshops to help you and your team make better decisions.

Developed from empirical research and bolstered by the results of client experience from hundreds of hours of facilitated workshops and BPI activity, Change or Die employs the authors' ENGAGE methodology. To ensure your team achieves its deliverables, the authors walk you through each BPI method. In each chapter you will find:

  • Objectives and deliverables clearly identified
  • Real-world examples from companies the authors have worked with—presented using a global manufacturer as an example
  • Activities, questionnaires, and examples
  • A self-assessment tool to help you measure progress, identify gaps in team performance, and determine team readiness for the next stage

This resource-rich book includes a CD with supplemental activities, challenges, facilitated workshops, templates, tables, and questionnaires. Tools designed to ease each participant’s path to project success!