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Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Transformation

Building and Executing an Integrated Supply Chain Strategy

J. Paul Dittmann

Hardcover, 256 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-07179-830-3
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  • Supply chain management


Most executives today readily acknowledge the critical value of supply chains. A sobering truth, however, is that thousands of U.S. companies never even consider supply chain strategies when creating business plans--even though they account for 60 percent of a firm's total costs.

This shocking statistic is at the heart of bestselling author J. Paul Dittmann's latest book, Supply Chain Transformation. This essential volume provides all the tools you need to create and maintain a customized supply chain system that drives revenue, maximizes profitability, improves efficiency, and increases shareholder value.

Dittmann recognizes that in order to thrive in today's environment, supply chains require a strategic road map to streamline the flow of materials and information. This groundbreaking guide shows you exactly how to:

  • Assess your internal supply chain capabilities
  • Evaluate supply chain game changers
  • Gauge SWOT faced by the firm versus best practice
  • Recognize the most likely mega-trends and their implications
  • Meet challenges generated by foreign and domestic competition
  • Generate a set of actions that creates the supply chain capabilities for your firm's future

Through extensive case studies, data collection, and copious interviews across a broad spectrum of management, Dittmann has isolated the causes of supply chain neglect and inefficiency.

Supply Chain Transformation delivers invaluable insight for supply chain professionals and managers in every area of the company; it is a straightforward guide for anyone who wants to build the strategy, assess the competition, and win organizational acceptance.