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What is BPM?

What is BPM?

Marvin M. Wurtzel

Softcover, 96 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-07180-225-3
Item Number: P1486

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  • Process management


This concise, easy-to-understand guide provides a straightforward introduction to the tools and techniques required to implement business process management (BPM), and how it can benefit any organization. Written by an instructor at the BPM Institute, What Is BPM? explains the management strategies, integrated methodologies, and software solutions essential to a successful enterprise-wide BPM implementation. Discover how to roll out a systematic approach to continuous process improvement in your organization and deliver sustained operational performance. Find out how to:
  • Identify value chain processes within your organization
  • Understand the document, assess, improve, and manage phases of BPM
  • Select process improvement tools, such as process mapping, Six Sigma, and Lean
  • Transform to a process-managed enterprise
  • Evaluate BPM software and platforms