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Facilitation at a Glance! Third Edition
Facilitation at a Glance! Third Edition

Facilitation at a Glance! Third Edition

Ingrid Bens

Spiralbound, 216 pages
Dimensions: Pocket Guide
ISBN: 978-1-57681-137-5
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  • Facilitation


Facilitation skills are crucial to the success of groups and teams.

Facilitators guide and direct the process, therefore resulting in more effective and efficient projects. Considering all the meetings that project managers and leaders hold, it’s easy to see why facilitation is fast becoming recognized as an essential core skill! Not only do project managers need to know how to run highly effective meetings, they also need strategies for creating buy-in, overcoming resistance and building true consensus.

After more than 12 years as a best seller, Facilitation at a Glance! is now a 3rd edition packed with even more resources, exciting tools, and a new concise look!

Ingrid Bens, a nationally known consultant and trainer, continues to enlighten us with a comprehensive overview of the role of the facilitator and the essential core practices that are always in play. Included is a compendium of strategies for gaining buy-in, ensuring participation, overcoming resistance, building consensus and creating a positive team climate.

The book retains all the things that made the first two editions so popular: the summary pages, checklists and tip sheets. Existing sections about what to do at the start, middle and end of facilitated sessions have been greatly expanded. Decision-making methods have been revamped to include more strategies about when to use each approach. New bonus material has been added to the conflict management chapter related to ineffective behaviors. By user demand, we have additional process tools and more about facilitating distance meetings.

The most notable update is an entirely new chapter about how leaders can balance the facilitator role with their other duties, since most facilitation is actually done by leaders and not neutral outsiders.

New features...

  • A Facilitation Cue Card, highlighting core facilitation skills
  • Facilitation in the Classroom, strategies for use at the start, middle and end of learning activities
  • Techniques for facilitating teleconferences and web meetings
  • Enhanced process checks to keep challenging conversations flowing
  • An updated Group Assessment Survey, useful when analyzing traits of working groups
  • Expanded section on Conflict Resolution and dealing with resistance
  • Tips for responding to non-verbal cues
  • Facilitation strategies for managers
  • Wandering Flipcharts, a technique added to the chapter on process tools
  • A meeting design template, including a list of key meeting components
  • The improved design of this edition of Facilitation at a Glance makes it even more user-friendly than ever before.