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Designing and Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives

Designing and Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives

Robert J. Marzano

Softcover, 133 pages, Published 2009
ISBN: 978-0-98225-920-7
Item Number: P1382

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  • Teachers
  • learning goals
  • education


Design and teach effective learning goals and objectives by following strategies based on the strongest research and theories available. This first book in the Classroom Strategies That Work library includes a summary of key research behind these classroom practices and shows how to implement them using step-by-step hands-on strategies. Short quizzes help readers assess their understanding of the instructional best practices explained in each section.


  • Review research and theories on goal setting.
  • See the effect of well-designed and well-taught goals and objectives on student achievement.
  • Gain concrete, detailed recommendations for classroom practice.
  • Build in-depth understanding of how to design and teach classroom goals.
  • Use as a personal resource or as a group study tool for teacher teams or entire faculties.
  • Engage in short quizzes and exercises that assess your learning of how to apply these strategies.