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So Now You're the Superintendent!

So Now You're the Superintendent!

John Eller, Howard C. Carlson

Softcover, 221 pages, Published 2009
ISBN: 978-1-41294-172-3
Item Number: P1370

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  • Superintendent
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Practical strategies for meeting the challenges of your first year as a superintendent!

The opportunities and responsibilities in the crucial first years of a superintendency can be challenging as well as exciting. This practical resource provides ready-to-use techniques that help superintendents build the relationships and teamwork needed to face these challenges with success.

This insightful guide provides new superintendents with guidelines for making a positive difference while handling transitions, culture changes, financial issues, staff supervision, and team building. Using their combined experience as district administrators, the authors uncover the complexities of the job and offer candid discussions about how to:

  • Establish yourself as the instructional leader Determine staff and community expectations for your performance
  • Prepare for landmines that may be waiting around the corner
  • Develop positive communications with all stakeholders

    Addressing the most common issues faced by new superintendents, this valuable reference provides the leadership tools to help a school district move forward.