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The Public Health Memory Jogger II

The Public Health Memory Jogger II

A Pocket Guide of Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning

The Public Health Foundation GOAL/QPC

Spiralbound, 165 pages, Published 2007
Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.5
ISBN: 978-1-57681-101-6
Item Number: P1334

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  • Public Health
  • Quality Tools
  • Clinical education
  • Vaccination preparedness
  • Operating room delays
  • National Public Health performance targets


Bring the power of continuous quality improvement to your public health organization!
The Public Health Memory Jogger II contains all of the quality control and management & planning tools from The Memory Jogger II, with real-life examples that relate specifically to public health.

The book uses graphics and easy-to-understand text to show how and when to use twenty-two different tools to answer your organization's most-pressing questions. Expand your team's knowledge with clear and concise instructions that help improve their performance, and start solving problems today.

Contains tool examples based upon:

  • Public Health preparedness courses/training
  • Clinical education
  • Vaccination preparedness
  • Causes for staff turn over
  • Operating room delays
  • Volatility of the nursing staff turnover
  • National Public Health performance targets
  • Conformance by Public Health staff to the standards
  • Local performance on essential Public Health Services (EPHS)
    and more!