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Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management

Six Keys to Success

Dianne F. Bradley, Judith A. Pauley, Joseph F. Pauley

Softcover, 148 pages, Published 2006
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-57886-302-0
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For many years educational experts have extolled the benefits of a positive student-teacher relationship. Personal connections between teachers and students can be the key motivator in student interest and achievement in school. Yet teachers have little knowledge about how to establish the relationships that can instill in their students a desire to learn and an incentive to minimize negative behaviors in the classroom. This book holds the keys to forming those relationships that teachers need to motivate and successfully communicate with every student.

The six keys identified to successful classroom management based on the concepts of the Process Communication Model are: 1. Know Yourself; 2. Know Your Students; 3. Examine Current Strategies; 4. Motivate by Type; 5. Develop Intervention Strategies;
6. Create a Multifaceted Environment.

The authors offer teachers unique and easy-to-implement strategies for managing their classrooms and their students. This book helps teachers maximize student potential through knowing their personality types and designing management strategies and instruction that correspond to each type. Effective Classroom Management contains true success stories from real teachers who have experienced barriers in reaching difficult students. Chapters are also provided on individualizing for success, dealing with acute negative behaviors, and preparing students for standards and assessments.