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Smart Cities
Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Reimagining the Urban Experience

Paul Doherty

Softcover, 152 pages, Published 2023
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 9781636941103
Item Number: H1584

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  • Quality 4.0
  • sustainability
  • big data
  • environmental
  • architecture


In a post-pandemic world, amid environmental crises, and advances in technology, the dynamics of what the average city looks like have called for change, leaving governments and policymakers to reimagine urban planning and development. In Smart Cities: Reimagining the Urban Experience, Paul Doherty shares his organization’s “secret sauce” recipe to marry information technology infrastructure—design thinking—with sustainable development goals (SDGs) for building smart cities. Paul dives into strategies, master plans, work templates, and real-world examples. This book will disrupt existing paradigms to offer practitioners, urban developers, and policymakers some solutions to creating greater social responsibility in a human-centric, data-driven world.

Paul Doherty, RA, CDT, CSI, is CEO of The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG), a smart city real estate development and solutions company. Paul is an award-winning architect, a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council (DFC), and a Fellow of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).