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Insights to Performance Excellence 2019-2020
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Insights to Performance Excellence 2019-2020

Using the Baldrige Framework and Other Integrated Management Systems

Mark L. Blazey, Paul L. Grizzell

Softcover, 393 pages, Published 2019
Dimensions: 8 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-87389-985-7
Item Number: H1558

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  • Baldrige
  • organizational assessment
  • management system


For more than two decades, this book series has been used as a teaching and reference text, guiding organizations that have documented their continuous improvement efforts using Baldrige Award-type management systems. The goal for this book is that readers will understand what each area of the system means for organizations and find the synergy within the six major process-oriented parts of the system—leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; workforce; and operations—that lead to excellent performance results.

This book provides a valuable, step-by-step approach to identify and put in place properly focused continuous improvement systems. Seven types of information are provided in this book for each of the Items in Categories 1 through 7 of the 2019–2020 Baldrige Framework and Performance Excellence Criteria:
  1. The actual language of each Item, including Notes.
  2. A plain-English explanation of the requirements of each Item with suggestions about the rationale for the Item and ways to meet key requirements.
  3. A table showing the similar requirements of the Criteria presented only once at the scoring level where the requirement first appears.
  4. A summary of the requirements of each Item in flowchart form.
  5. The key linkages between each Item and other Items.
  6. An explanation of some potential adverse consequences that an organization might face if it fails to implement processes required by each Item.
  7. Examples of effective practices consistent with the requirements of the Item that some organizations have developed and followed.
Features of this 2019–2020 edition include:
  • A Stakeholder Matrix table of contents identifying relevant material within the book for four key stakeholder groups: Senior Leaders, Examiners, Performance Excellence Initiative Leaders, and Application Writers
  • New information from the Baldrige 2019–2020 Criteria for Performance Excellence to help leaders focus on priority opportunities for improvement and better understand the role they must play in refining their management systems and processes
  • Tables for each Criteria Item showing the similar expectations of the Criteria presented only once at the scoring level where the Expectation first appears, intended to help examiners determine at what level an expectation belongs when it appears at the basic, and/or overall, and multiple levels
  • Online resources available with this book include Scoring Calibration Guides for Education, Health Care, and Business/Nonprofit/Government organizations, a guide to self-assessment of organizations and management systems and a guide to the alignment of Baldrige, Six Sigma, Lean, and Balanced Scorecard
  • Information on other award programs throughout the world, such as the European Foundation for Quality Management and the China Association for Quality