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The AS9100C, AS9110, and AS9120 Handbook
The AS9100C, AS9110, and AS9120 Handbook

The AS9100C, AS9110, and AS9120 Handbook

Understanding Aviation, Space, and Defense Best Practices

James Culliton

Hardcover, 204 pages, Published 2014
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-884-3
Item Number: H1464

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  • Aerospace
  • AS9100C
  • AS9110
  • AS9120
  • implementation
  • auditing


AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120, the quality management system (QMS) standards for the aerospace industry, are written in the most ambiguous language possible. Indeed, they don’t outline how they should be implemented. Those decisions are left to the organization implementing their requirements or, in some cases, to a consultant.

Although some consultant firms for aerospace systems are excellent, there are many that purport to be experts yet proffer systems and processes that are either in contravention to the standards’ requirements or so unwieldy that they render the process impotent.

In an effort to simplify these issues, this book proposes practices that have been described as opportunities for improvement or best practices by registration auditors in the past. It includes a discussion of each of the three standards’ clauses, suggests best practices to comply with them, outlines common findings associated with them, and provides an overview of the changes to AS9100C from AS9100B.